What my students say…

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing where and how to spend your leisure time. Why would you choose to come and spend your precious time with me? Well, here’s what some of my students have to say…

“Emily I think you’ve changed all our lives for the better and given us a better understanding of what our bodies can do and the reasoning behind the yoga we do – I love the classes – they’re like going to therapy without the talking. Thanks so much xx”

~ Sue

“Having been a complete yoga novice but always intrigued, I took the plunge and signed up for Emily’s Yoga course – and I’m hooked! As well as feeling stronger and more flexible, I felt more grounded and calm each week as the course developed. I have really missed it over the summer break and can’t wait to carry on next term.”

~ Christina

“Yoga with Emily is one of the highlights of my week. Emily is an excellent teacher and I always feel better (mentally and physically) after a session. Thank you Emily!”

~ Marija

“I’ve practiced yoga for over 30 years but had drifted away partly because of issues with joint pain. I am really grateful to Emily for bringing me back to yoga and its great benefits, which were evident within a few weeks of feeling stronger and more flexible. I began shortly after a knee arthroscopy and Emily was very considerate with protection for my knee and alternative postures. The benefits to work life balance have also been appreciated – simply being able to let go, breath and relax in meditations led by Emily.”

~ Julia

“Emily is such a beautiful person with a lovely attitude and outlook on life. She is a dedicated yoga instructor. Her teaching is gentle, supportive and focused, so I always feel very cared for, so much so, that I view our weekly lesson is an essential part of my week. The classroom is a calm & peaceful space too. I would thoroughly recommend Emily!”

~ Nicola

“Emily is an amazing yoga instructor. Each class is the perfect balance of challenge and chill, and you finish feeling energised and calm, like you’ve worked out and then gone to the spa. Her love of yoga is infectious and she manages to bring everyone together and take us on a journey. Highly recommend!”

~ Steph

“I love everything about my yoga class with Emily. How it makes me feel in my body, mind and soul. A fabulous teacher and wonderful person, she makes each class welcoming and meaningful, I always come away feeling good.”

~ Jocelyn

“Having not practiced for 20 years, I started yoga with Emily in 2020 whilst suffering from neck pain. I found her online classes hugely beneficial, simultaneously helping with my mobility, strength and mental health.

Although I am now recovered I still take part in her online sessions and the wonderful outdoor ones too when time permits. My flexibility, core strength and stamina all continue to improve and the class, although sometimes hard work, is never a chore, rather it is something that I look forward to each week.

Thank you Emily for your energy and encouragement which have helped me regain my love of yoga!”

~ Alice

“Big shout out to Emily for helping me understand the value and importance of relaxing the muscles after each pose. I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and no other teacher has been able to explain the benefits each pose has on our body and mind, to achieve overall well-being. Namaste Emily 🙏”

~ Angela

“Emily teaches through movement and mindfulness an awareness of body and being within the world. The asanas encourage both physical and mental strength and flexibility and Emily’s clear instruction makes following the poses easy. I feel rejuvenated after a yoga session with Emily, at peace with myself, and week by week my body is being gently coaxed into optimal strength and wellness.”

~ Rachel