Private Yoga

Emily Bruce Private Yoga

121 & Private Group Yoga

Private Group Yoga

Ideal for couples, small corporate groups, wellness days, celebrations, hen-dos or a group of friends looking to do some yoga on their own terms.

I can come to you or I can suggest some venues based on your needs and budget. I can provide mats, belts, blocks and blankets etc.

Together we can plan a class that perfectly matches your needs and meets your goals.

Prices from £49 per hour.

121 Yoga Class – 60 minutes

You tell me your goals, level and how you want to feel after the class (energised, calm or balanced and grounded). And together we’ll co-create the perfect class to meet your needs.

I can come to you or suggest some venues or you can come to my purpose built 121 yoga studio in Colden Common. I have all the blocks, props, blankets and bolsters you could dream of so we can make your final relaxation ultimately comfortable so you float out feeling supremely rested!

Underfloor heating under a yoga mat is truly wonderful!

£49 for 60 minutes

121 Yoga Class – 60 minutes plus a lavender eye pillow AND a Recorded Guided Relaxation take home

All of the above plus a personalised Guided Relaxation so you can recreate perfect rest anytime you need it.

If you’ve never used an eye pillow you are in for a real treat! I think they are the secret sauce in the recipes for deep relaxation.

This package is ideal if you suffer from insomnia, stress or anxiety. Or if you could just benefit from some profound rest.

Price: £59

75 Minutes of 121 Yoga plus a Personalised Home Practice

If you want to make real change in your life it comes down to regular practice.

Whatever your goal (improved sleep, strength or flexibility, reduced stress levels, better range of movement or support with pain management for example), the fastest way to the results you want is to begin to embed a yoga practice into your daily life.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t have to mean a 60 minute asana practice before dawn. Depending on what you want to achieve it might be a 5, 10 or 15 minute session that fits into your daily or weekly schedule.

It could be a short bedtime ritual that helps prepare you for a restful nights sleep.

Or perhaps a quick breathing practice and neck and shoulder stretch you can use during the work day to relieve stress and tension.

Or a 15 minute daily practice to build strength, stamina and flexibility whilst targeting your problem area.

You set the goals and together we craft the solution.

Price: £79

Add a lavender eye pillow and guided relaxation for £15.


“Reconnecting with yoga, felt like reconnecting with my roots. Emily was patient, attentive and fun. Her authentic approach really resonates with me. Emily adapted her approach and flexed our sessions in a highly fluid manner, that left me feeling at ease and confident in my growing ability. Emily provided me with the tools to bring acute awareness to the importance of breath. Bringing it all together, with attention to detail, I make great progress under Emily’s professional care.

Gift yourself some quality you time. It’s Okay to do that, to be kind to yourself, is it not? Very happy to recommend Emily.”


“I had a session of yoga this morning and I really enjoyed it. I haven’t been practicing yoga for a while and Emily was so helpful and knowledgeable as I do have lower back issues. I felt calm, relaxed and very zen afterwards! Emily has lovely energy and set up the class in a really lovely way with calming music, blankets and I bought a lovely lavender eye pillow too. Thank you Emily, I look forward to doing more sessions.”